Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and sometimes they are big ones. While you likely don’t want to find yourself sitting in a jail cell late at night, it could happen. What do you do, then? How do you handle this unexpected event? People must understand the legal process and manage time within the court system. The following are essential things to know if you’re in an unusual predicament.

1. Remain Calm

Don’t panic. Officers are obligated to bring people into jail when they fail to follow the laws. You may not have intended to break any codes, but it can happen. When it does, arguing and crying don’t help. Try to remember to take a few deep breaths. Staying calm matters!

2. Call an Attorney

You can ask for a public defender as soon as you are arrested. This lawyer is free, paid for by the state. If you prefer a private attorney, then request a phone call. You may have to reach out to a friend to look for one for you. Don’t be modest. You want someone by your side to offer advice and support your case.

3. Don’t Talk to Anyone Other Than Legal Counsel

If officers ask you questions about your life or evening, ask the lawyer again. You do not have to answer anything without someone by your side.

4. Reach Out for Help With Bail

Many local establishments offer bail assistance. Talk with counsel or a friend about finding a 24 hour bail bonds Allentown PA place near you. Be sure to give your family or buddy your court information, such as the case number. 

If you find yourself in jail, remember that you can ask others for help. Call friends and family to lend a hand. They may assist with finding legal aid and bond.