Family law is a type of law that deals with marriage, divorce, child support, adoptions, and similar situations. While family law varies between countries, the basic idea is that the law exists to protect the interests of a family. Family attorneys help people make important decisions about their families and represent their interests in legal proceedings. Hiring a family law attorney Tampa can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. Not only can you focus on your family, but a lawyer can also handle all the details of your case and take the hassle of time management. While you may be able to handle a few legal issues on your own, hiring an attorney can save you a lot of time.

Prenuptial Agreements

When a couple enters marriage without a prenup, they can’t protect their assets or inheritance if they get divorced. A prenup can help minimize these complications while preserving the spouse’s assets. Sometimes, a prenup can even protect a person’s retirement savings.

A prenup will generally not affect child custody and support, but it may discuss what happens if the couple has children from other relationships. The agreement may also include a provision stating that the other spouse will get the children, which could increase the alimony payment amount. It might also specify that the other spouse will stay in the marital home if the marriage ends in divorce.


If you’re considering adopting a child, you may wonder whether hiring a family attorney is a good idea. Adoption is a complicated process; you want to ensure you’re doing everything possible to protect your child’s best interests. However, you also may not know the law and wish to consult a family attorney before signing any paperwork. Adoptive parents must ask a court to make the adoption relationship final. An attorney can prepare the petition and supporting documents for the adoption and file it with the court. 

An adoption attorney can assist you in every step of the process. Adoptive parents should avoid attempting to represent themselves in court, as this can negatively impact the process. An adoption attorney will help them understand all of the laws that apply to the adoption process and can also help them understand the requirements by stage. A family attorney who specializes in adoption will also be able to protect your child’s best interests and provide you with the legal advice you need to get the adoption process completed.

Child support

In California, a child support order requires parents to contribute to the child’s financial needs. If both parents are not working, they are still required to pay a certain amount of support. Judges determine the amount of child support based on guidelines, which consider non-wage income. Once the support amount is selected, it is not recalculated except in a limited number of situations.

When a child becomes emancipated (age 17 to 21), the other parent may file a petition for support. This means that the child lives away from both parents and refuses to comply with their reasonable demands. While a child support lawyer can be helpful in these situations, an attorney doesn’t need to represent the child. While the child does not require a lawyer, they can advise the parents on their children’s best interests.


If your divorce involves complicated issues, it is essential to hire a family attorney. This professional will know the laws of your state and will handle your case accordingly. You can also consult an attorney for any future legal needs. For example, you should consult a family attorney if you need a divorce for spousal support or children. In addition, a family attorney can help you gather evidence against your spouse, file the necessary paperwork, and review your agreement.

The process of settling a divorce is often a stressful and emotional one. Seeking help from family and friends can be helpful during this difficult time. Support groups and online professional counseling can ease your emotional roller coaster. Your family and friends can also stand by your side during a difficult time. However, hiring an attorney can save you a lot of stress and money if your divorce is contested.