Requirements to be an Auditor

To be able to work in this audit field, several conditions must be met, including:

1. Know Auditing Standards

The first requirement to be able to work in this field is to have the knowledge to practice auditing. To get this knowledge, of course, you have to learn it first.

2. Have a Certificate of Auditor

The way to get an auditor’s certificate can be done by attending training. In order to be considered a professional auditor from audit firm, the required certificate must be registered in the International Register of Certificated Auditors or known as IRCA.

3. Knowing Auditor Quality Standards

The last is to know the quality standards in the field of auditing. Because this work will be needed by the company in achieving its targets, so they need qualified experts.

In addition to the 3 conditions above, there are several other conditions needed.

4. Competent

The skills needed to go through this process are competent. The purpose of being competent is to have special knowledge in the field of auditing and have work experience in the field of auditing. With knowledge and high work experience, clients or companies will entrust your expertise.

5. Independent

Independent in this case is being able to comply with reality (in fact) as evidenced by a mental attitude that is not easily influenced by any party, as well as in appearance. In this aspect of appearance, it is evidenced by external circumstances that can influence the opinions of others to the independence of the auditor.

6. Be careful

As an auditor, of course, you must be careful in carrying out your duties. Because the results of the audit will affect the attitude that will decide the results of the audit to be carried out. In addition, they must also be able to account for the results of the audits they have done.